Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Everywhere I go and everything I do, the wound is just opened again. Do you remember the women I talked about last Thursday? Well I have seen her four times in the store. Nobody ever comes in that often. It is also all over TV. For instance, I watch Gilmore Girls every day, I have since I could remember. Well now they are showing reruns of the newer season. Two of the girls on the show are pregnant, and get this-one is having twin boys! I don't get it. Why doesn't someone just stick a knife in my heart? It would be a lot less painful. Having twins is such a unique thing, and I will never get the chance to raise them. Since when did it become entertainment? I just don't get why it has to be thrown in my face all the time.

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  1. Dear Kayla
    I'm just so sorry. When you have time can you email me? My email address is on the sidebar at my blog. I don't have yours and I'd like to send you something xxx