Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Moving On

Everyone around me keeps moving on with their lives, while I am stuck here in this pit of sadness, anger, and guilt. My world has stopped turning, while others keep on going. Chad and I ask people to go do things with us, to get out of the house, but they always already have plans or just want to stay home. Do you guys realize that our home is a constant reminder of what we lost. We shouldn't even be calling to ask you guys. You guys should be calling to ask if we had the boys yet, or asking to come over and see them. If they were here, you would be dropping everything in your life to come see them. I feel like I am being left behind. I am so angry with everyone. I am so angry at God for taking everything I was looking froward to. My life fell apart, and my heart is breaking. Just this once can I please have a second chance? I know this could all be fixed.

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