Sunday, July 26, 2009

Television & Sleep

Every television show I have always watch has pregnant women now. It is like a baby boom. I don't understand. It is like it is being directed right at me. They are just trying to rub it in my face.

I just want to feel a little one moving around inside of me. I want to be out buying baby things. I just want to hold a baby. I want to be changing diapers, and cleaning up spit up. All the things mothers complain about, I want to be doing right now.

Nights are the worst for me, and I am not sure why. I get this pit in my stomach. It is hard to explain. It starts about eight and goes till about one in the morning. When we lay down to sleep, Chad passes out right away. Me, on the other hand, I can't sleep in our bed. I always have to get up and go to the couch. The only thing I can think of is that our bed is where the boys were created. Is that insane? Can there be any other reasons why I can't sleep in our bed?


  1. For me, when I lay down my mind starts racing. I think of all the babylost mamas that need to be prayed for, I talk to my girls, and my mind just spins out of control with all that has happened in the last three months. Then, I am so tired the next day due to a lack of sleep and my emotions are even worse. You may want to try some OTC sleep aids. I know when I have used them, they really have helped me to get a good nights sleep and this makes the next day much more bearablt. Thinking of you.

  2. Kayla, I had problems sleeping in my bed for a while. Sometimes I still do. I think it is because it was always late at night when I was going to sleep when I felt Sydney moving around. I still miss that so much.