Saturday, May 23, 2009


Oh Saturdays are the hardest. First they were born on a Saturday, and you know how everyone keeps track of how old a baby is by weeks and months. Parker and Gavin would be 7 weeks old today. Saturdays also marked the beginning of a new week of pregnancy for me. Today I would have been 29 weeks along. It is so hard to not think about what might have been. Chad and I are also having trouble dealing with the boys being three hours away. We cannot drive there whenever we feel like it. So far it is the only place where we can feel them around us. 

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  1. Kayla,
    Dates, days and times can haunt us no doubt. It is like your world has stopped and everyone else's has moved on. But when those days continue to cycle through it stops us in our tracks, constantly reminding us of what could have and would have been. Know that I am thinking about you today and Gavin and Parker and wishing you a little peace.