Saturday, May 23, 2009

Family & Friends

Here are some ways that you can help us get through this devastating loss. 
  • When you have nothing to say, just say "I am sorry." Slience can be okay. Just be here for us.
  • Avoid cliches. Such as, "Everything happens for a reason.", "You are young. You can have more.", "At least you didn't get to know the baby.", "God will never give you more than you can handle."
  • Ask and listen. Ask "How are you?", but be ready to listen. 
  • Don't forget the Dad. He grieves also.
  • Be specific in your offer to help. Saying "Call if you need anything," or "Let me know how I can help." are generic statements for grieving families. Not all people are willing to ask for help.
  • Acknowledge the baby, and use their names.
  • Remember special dates.
  • Open communication.
  • Check up
These are just some things to help because it is a hard topic. You can find more about these and others on the website below.


  1. Kayla and Chad, good for you for letting friends and family know what you need and want at this incredibly difficult time. It is so hard for everyone to know what to say or do right now, hopefully this will open up the lines of communication and let others know what is helpful and hurtful.

  2. you are both in my prayerts