Sunday, November 29, 2009

Faith's Lodge

Faith's Lodge was so beautiful. It is hard to put into words. It was so relaxing. I needed the time to get away from the "real" world. For a whole week I did not touch my phone or computer. I talked to no one from my real life. It was a whole week focused on my children.

Faith's lodge was in the middle of the country, surrounded by tress. It has eight guest rooms, a great room, library, dining room, kitchen, craft room, toy room for children, movie room, eagles nest (relaxing room), and an indoor porch. All of the rooms are heated my fireplace. Outside they have a lake, basketball court, fire pit, and a path of inspiration trail. Dinner was served every night. There was a continental breakfast every morning. For lunch all the food was provided and you could cook whatever you liked. You could also go to the local restaurants anytime you wanted. There was also a craft schedule every day that focused on your children. You could participate in as little or as much as you wanted. We also had one support group.

We met some great people while we were at Faith's Lodge. It was weird to leave, but we will stay in contact. You can go to Faith's Lodge website to find out more details and found a time that is right for you to visit this wonderful place. I wish there were more of these places around. Well enough of me talking here are the pictures.

Front of Faith's Lodge

Front Desk

This is the front table where we put on children's pictures and momentum's.

Great Room


Part of Dinning Room

Movie Room


Eagle's Nest

Our Room

Back of Building

Fire Pit

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  1. Looks very peaceful and healing. So glad you guys got to take the trip. Look forward to hearing more about it. Hugs