Thursday, August 13, 2009


Chad got a sign from Parker and Gavin yesterday, or at least we believe it is a sign. Chad and I find comfort in listening to music, so we downloaded a bunch of them that dealt with the loss of children. One of them was Elton John, Blessed. Chad was listening to his Ipod at work and he had it on shuffle. That song came on, and when it was over it just started again. Chad said in all his life he has never had the same song play twice in a row when it was on shuffle. I think that is so great that our boys are watching over their daddy. Got the first sign from them letting him know they are alright. I can't wait for my sign.

Thank you sweet boys, for letting Daddy know you are with him.


  1. I think these signs are the best parts of day. My heart always smiles when I receive a sign from Ella. Lately, I've been seeing tons of butterflies.

  2. I was just thinking exactly what Sarah wrote, that IS beautiful. I am so grateful for whatever signs I receive, it's as close as I get to having a little bit of my girls...
    I'm going to look up that song, I've never heard it :)

  3. Would you believe I had the same thing happen to me a couple of weeks ago? One of the songs we played at Sydney's service was Golden Slumbers by the Beatles. It is my husband's lullabye for our kids. I was in the car playing my Ipod and it came on then as soon as it was finished, it started again. Right after that, another song from her service, I Believe by Diamond Rio, played then Golden Slumbers again! I know it was a sign from her. Like Chad, I have never had a song shuffle two times in a row like that on my Ipod.

    I love getting signs from Sydney. I'm sure people think I'm crazy but I know she is always with me and it makes me feel better when I see something that confirms that.