Sunday, February 28, 2010

Should be posting more

I should be posting more, and I am not sure why I don't. Everything is fine with us. I miss my boys terribly, and that will never change. I think about them everyday. Chad and I are getting married, and planning the wedding for next summer. Which is really exciting. I just wish our boys could join us. We are also finally moving out of his parents house. So our lives are still moving on, and we just have to take our boys right along with us. I don't want them to get left behind. I don't want to leave them in the past. I still have my breakdowns, but life is going alright for us right now. I need to make a goal to start posting more, so I promise I'll try.


  1. Nice to hear you're planning your wedding. Sending love and support!

  2. So glad you are focusing on something positive. Your boys will always travel with you no matter what home you live in.

  3. Kayla, we had heard that you and Chad were planning a wedding and we couldn't be happier for you but moving out was a surprise! After speaking to Tammy just this morning she and Dave were not aware of this. Don't you think they should have been the first to know? I know it was not the ideal situation for you but after all they did open up their home to you guys when things were really rough. Finding out this way was a surprise and hurtful. You are very loved and I'm sure they would love an explanation. I love you Kayla.