Thursday, March 25, 2010

Birthing Class

I am posting this here because nobody is following the new little one's blog. I really want to keep them separate because when she is born there will be lots of pictures and updates, and I do not want the boys to be forgotten.

So anyway, I will post this here for now. We started our birthing classes last night. And of course, there is a lady having twins. Do not understand why I cannot catch a break. Can I not go anywhere without twins being right there. And I do not want to be mean but these people are complete idiots. There is no way they are going to be able to take care of twins, but yet they will get to keep them. It just makes me so angry. Other people do not understand, but I know this group knows full well what I am feeling.


  1. I completely understand and I am so sorry. Hang in there. xx

  2. I hear you. It drives me mad to see those who shouldn't be...getting to.

  3. I do know what you mean. Thinking of you! xo